Day 1 Travel to Fox Glacier

Today we drove along Arthurs Pass to get to Fox Glacier from Christchurch.

We had morning tea at Arthurs Pass Village and Dan the tour guide warned us not to feed the green birds called Kea.
We had lunch at Hotika which is only a small town. It had a nice beach on the Tasman Sea where there were waves. The sand was a browny black colour and there were stones everywhere. The water was crystal clear. It was very nice.
I brought some Jade at Mountain Jade where the lowest price that I saw was $12.
I brought some painted stones from William Steyne Stone Painter which was in the same building as Mountain Jade.
I stuck my head into the Sock Machine Museum which sells Merino Wool 80% socks for as little as $25. The museum was definitely worth a look.
We got to Fox Glacier which I would call a village at 4:30pm and went for a walk around Lake Matheson which took us about an hour. The lake is supposed to mirror Mt Cook but it didn’t for us.


At 10:30pm we set out through the bushes in search of glow worms. Completely blinded we followed Dan and soon enough found some glow worms. They were just shining through the bushes. It was pretty cool.

3 thoughts on “Day 1 Travel to Fox Glacier

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