Day 2 Travel to Queenstown

Today I did the Fox Glacier Terminal Guided walk. You could do a Heli hike which landed you on top of the glacier or you could get a taxi service to take you to the walking spot.

The guided walk cost $59. The glacier is a small one so you can’t touch it when you do the walk. It was very hard to see but you just look for the mountain of ice. We walked up to where the glacier was in 2008. A few of the spots where we walked were rock fall areas so you had to be careful. I do suggest that if you have never seen a glacier before to do the Heli hike so you can see it properly.
We left Fox Glacier at 12:30 and made our way to Queenstown where we arrived at about 7:30pm.
We stopped at Thunder Creek Falls which were very tall and crystal clear.
We also had a look at Lake Hawea lookout to see a dark blue lake that seemed to go forever.

We got burgers at Devil Burgers which started at $9 and sat and watched the sunset over Lake Wakatipu. I also had a very nice gelato from Ferg Burger.


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