Kayaking Minnamurra River

Minnamurra River is 23 kilometres long and I got the pleasure of canoeing on it.
Whilst it was not a hot day a lot of parents had brought their kids down for a dip in the river. It was good to see this little area where we started (being James Oates Reserve) busy and full of life. It is the entrance to the river and provides wonderful views of Rangoon Island or Stack Island.

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Anzac Day

Anzac Day is a day to remember the fallen and living war veterans. It is a time to remember the sacrifice of the willing and not so willing soldiers of the past and present.

Every town has a way of remembering them and I don’t mean a game of 2 up in the pub. Wollongong and its suburbs  have a number of dawn service on Anzac Day however they all come together for a March through Wollongong CBD at 10am. Continue reading “Anzac Day”

My Favourite Waterfall

On a cold summer’s day our tour group hit the road to MacKenzie Falls in Victoria.
Not knowing what to expect we were all excited with our raincoats on and cameras in hand.
We jumped out of the mini bus and headed for the falls. At the top of the falls we think, where the hell is the waterfall?  We started our descent down narrow steps. There must have been at least a hundred steps. By the time we were half way down we had taken a tonne of pictures and we could feel the spray coming at once.

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