Belmore Falls

Belmore Falls are located near Robertson in Morton National Park. It is about an hour from Wollongong. There is limited signage to get to the Falls but it is on Belmore Falls Road. There is a massive sign about half way into Robertson for it. The road is dirt but it is an easy drive no 4wd required.

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Kayaking Minnamurra River

Minnamurra River is 23 kilometres long and I got the pleasure of canoeing on it.
Whilst it was not a hot day a lot of parents had brought their kids down for a dip in the river. It was good to see this little area where we started (being James Oates Reserve) busy and full of life. It is the entrance to the river and provides wonderful views of Rangoon Island or Stack Island.

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Carrington Falls

Carrington Falls are located just out of Robertson along Jamberoo Mountain Road. They are in Budderoo National Park, the same National Park as Minnamurra Rainforest. These are about an hour out of Wollongong. These Falls seem to get busy and there is limited parking.


The Track

Carrington Falls plunge 130-160 metres across the Kangaroo River. There is a wheelchair friendly lookout or a loop walk of 500 metres with 80 metres of steep stairs. The track is all concrete or steel and very easy. The walk takes about 25 minutes and you find yourself at the top of the falls with a nice little pool.

The Steep Stairs

We also took the short dirt track to Izzards lookout. Which takes you to a viewing platform of endless trees.

The Falls

There are a few longer tracks at Nellies Glen Picnic area being Missingham lookout and Warris Chair lookout. I also noticed signs to Blue pool.

The Top

It is a place that needs more exploring.

The View

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