Have you been to the most understated coastline in Australia? I live there and it is the Illawarra.

Wollongong map

My name is A Pal and this is my little corner of the net where I will share my adventures. Join me while I explore my home town!

Most people go straight past the Illawarra to the South Coast, but there are somethings in the Illawarra that you won’t find on the South Coast.

The Illawarra caters for the outdoors, museums, galleries, shopping excursions and everything else. You can combine a few activities into one day, all you need is time to explore!


The Illawarra is 1 hour and a half drive south of Sydney the main town is called Wollongong on NSW’s South Coast. We have around 450,000 residents in our region. Most of them being steelworkers, miners or commuters to Sydney.

We have an amazing coastline of 140 kilometre. I like to say Wollongong is where the mountains meet the sea.

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