I could tell that I had changed country straight away because of the cooler climate and deserted airport, oh, and the Maori tributes.

I stepped onto New Zealand (Auckland) soil at 4pm after one of the best flights I had been on.

c auckland - aotea square (1).JPG

I caught the Skybus to the city (Queen Street), I booked online for $16. The bus drops you off at the top of Queen Street and shuttles distribute you around the city.

I decided to walk the 10 minutes to my hotel. IBIS Budget is situated on Wyndham street. The hotel was basic but really well located. After a snoop in the cupboards of my room I found ear plugs but didn’t think much of it. By 11pm that night I was sick of trying to get to sleep, the room was too noisy. I actually used the ear plugs both nights.

I strolled down Queen Street to Princes Wharf for dinner where I had the Good Boy Burger from Burger Boys. It was very nice. The burger joint was packed.

c auckland (91).JPG

The next day I had a McCafe breakfast and then strolled to Queens Wharf. At 9:30am the city was already busy. There were people weaving in and out of shops, streets and little lanes.

I decided I would tackle the Harbour/Bay first. There was also a Royal Carribean Ship in so I weaved my way in and out of the wharfs and the crowds.

I walked all the way to Silo Park and was amazed at all the yachts and sailing boats that were docked. There was a couple of hundred on the side I was on and the same amount on the other side of the bay.

c auckland (85).JPG

It looks as though the majority of the bay is used for industry. They must import a tonne of cars because one whole section of the waterfront is a car park for new cars.

Once I had exhausted the wharfs I made my way to the Sky Tower. Where I watched a few people jump before heading up to the main observation deck.

You had a 360⁰ view of Auckland and every inch you could see was filled with boats or buildings. There were a few parks one being the One Tree Hill.

c auckland - uni (1).JPG

I then checked out Aotea Square and strolled through Albert Park to the University clock tower. It was very impressive and I thought it was a church.

I zigzagged my way back to the wharfs and that is when I remembered I had a bucket list to cross off.

Apologises I forgot to bring a copy so the only thing I can kind of cross off is One Tree Hill. Now that I have been I can say my bucket list was a little ambitious.

c auckland (28).JPG

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