A visit to mini England

It had been years since my first trip and I loved it. I decided we had to go back.
So we packed our bags for the coldest part of Australia. We flew into the sleepy town of Launceston and went exploring.

Salamanca Place, Hobart
We already knew where we wanted to go and had our accommodation booked.

We hit the coast road and were in search for crystal clear water. A couple of hours down the road we found it at Wineglass Bay.

Wineglass Bay
Sleepy Bay

We found it again in the Freycinet National Park.

Coles Bay

By the time we got to Cradle Mountain we were relaxed, refreshed and ready for anything (or so Dad thought). Dad decided we needed to go for a bush walk.

Craddle Mountain

So we strolled across the road expecting to be back in an hour. Of course he hadn’t looked properly at the track, he had picked an intermediate track. Half an hour in and we were lost, walking in circles. Two and a half hours later we returned to our lodge to find a worried mother waiting for us.

It had been a memorable walk!


In leaving Cradle Mountain I had heard about a town of Murals on the way back to the airport. We stopped for lunch in the busy little town of Sheffield and the Murals were amazing.

After a relaxing road trip in the sleepy state of Tasmania we were glad to come home.


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