Kayaking Minnamurra River

Minnamurra River is 23 kilometres long and I got the pleasure of canoeing on it.
Whilst it was not a hot day a lot of parents had brought their kids down for a dip in the river. It was good to see this little area where we started (being James Oates Reserve) busy and full of life. It is the entrance to the river and provides wonderful views of Rangoon Island or Stack Island.

The entrance is surrounded by reserve. The reserve is the starting point for the Kiama Coast Walk/Ride.  It was really nice!

We went as far as the bridges which may have only been 1 kilometer away from the starting point. Yes we took our time admiring the houses and wetlands that surrounded us. I had never been canoeing before so being on the water and looking around at your own pace was awesome. We had so much fun!
By the time we got back our hosts at South Coast Safaris were cooking our barbecue and of course we were starving.


Minnamurra River is definitely a place I need to explore more of.

P.s. Kangaroo Valley Kayaks


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