Castagna Day

Castagna Day is a day for the Italian community to gather at their favourite meeting place, The Fraternity Club in Fairy Meadow.Castagne Day 2016 (2)

To send the kids off to the rides and buy a bag of freshly roasted Castagne all thanks to the local Alpini club. This year costing $12.00 a bag. Castagne are chestnuts.

Castagne Day 2016 (3)

Castagne Day started as a picnic day for the Fraternity Club members in the late 1960s. The actual castagne day didn’t start till much later. The Alpini spend more than six hours on the day roasting around 800 kilograms of castagne in a 44 gallon drum over an open fire. It is quite something to see.

You can pre-purchase ride tickets for $20 a person.

You go home as full as a hog after you have had the bag of Castagne and the gigantic lunch the Frat serves, but it is a fun day to catch up with friends and family you haven’t seen in a while.

If you have never tried Castagne you better make a trip to the Frat next year.

Castagne Day 2016 (5)


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