Anzac Day

Anzac Day is a day to remember the fallen and living war veterans. It is a time to remember the sacrifice of the willing and not so willing soldiers of the past and present.

Every town has a way of remembering them and I don’t mean a game of 2 up in the pub. Wollongong and its suburbs  have a number of dawn service on Anzac Day however they all come together for a March through Wollongong CBD at 10am.Anzac Day 2016 (1)

Where hundreds of people line Church Street and Burelli Street to clap and cheer on the veterans that participate in the March.

Anzac Day 2016 (6)

The veterans come in all forms: vintage cars, buggies and walking. Last year we had fly overs as well.

Anzac Day 2016 (8)

You could really tell that as many people that could came out to show there support and it is really a lovely way to celebrate it. The only let down was the rubbish from the night before and knowing that the next morning the streets would look like.

Anzac Day 2016 (15).jpg


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