Tongariro National Park

We had two nights at Skotel resort, the main purpose of our stay was so that we could do the Alpine Crossing and see a live volcano. Unfortunately, the weather was crap so there was no transport for the crossing.

P chateau tongariro 1.jpg

We did however make it to the Taranaki Falls which took us around 2 hours. We walked in the rain on an extremely well kept path. The falls were nice and you could go down and behind the bottom of the falls. It would have been nicer to do the walk that afternoon when the rain cleared.

In the afternoon we went to the Chateau Tongariro for High Tea which set us back a whopping $28. The tea and cakes were nice but the service was crap. The Chateau itself was really nice inside, it was not to fancy but just enough for a small town.

p tongariro national park - taranaki falls (7).jpg

Oh, I forgot to mention our stop at Huka Falls. We stopped on the way just before Lake Taupo. They are horizontal falls and extremely fast moving. Lovely spot though.

Tongariro National Park was a tad disappointing but in the end we walked away saying we saw Mount Doom for all you Lord of the Rings fans. Mount Dooms real name is Mount Ngauruhoe. We didn’t see the full mountain but we did see the other 2 volcanos in full from a distance.

c Huka Falls (2).JPG

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