Color Run 2016

You have probably heard about the color run. Whether on the TV, radio or internet it is a burst of color.

Let me tell you about the happiest 5km run. They start a workout at 7:20am in Stuart Park. The DJ plays very energetic music while a fitness instructor pulls out all the moves they can muster to have you warmed up.Color Run 2016 (2)

From there you move to the start chute which takes up half the street. They play more music and throw out freebies until it’s your turn to go. They let you out in batches.

I was in the first batch and the second we could we ran for it. Up Cliff Road we went. Half way down the other side was the first color station being purple in the form of liquid.

By the time you get around the corner you are dry and heading into the only water station on the course. A few minutes later you run through the red color station being powder.

Color Run 2016 (4)

You turn half way through Laing Park and are greeted by a bunch of volunteers ready to Hi Five you and even give you a hug to exchange color.

Just past the lighthouse is the next color. The next section is the longest part. Running along the bike track until you pass North Gong Surf Club where you hit the grass and the multi-color station.

You are almost there!

Color Run 2016 (9)

Continue a bit further and cross the road into a sea of foam. You are now at the after party! You made it, you passed all the excited little kids, bored parents and screaming twelvies. Your reward is more color and music of course!

So when the beat drops make sure you throw your color packet on everyone around you.

Why I like the Color Run? To keep it short, I love colourful things. This event is colour at its best.

The long answer – Everyone is happy to be there and they hype you up so much with the music. There is a really good feeling around the whole event. They make you feel on top of the world for a day!

Color Run 2016 (13).jpg

But, how do you get the colour off? That is easy go to the cleaning section and let the volunteers blow most of it off and then have a nice long shower or bath. As for the clothes, you will probably need to throw them out or keep them for next year.

The Color Run is usually held in May and is around $70 per person.


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