Uloola Track – Royal National Park

We decide to go for a hike. We decided on the Uloola track which is an 11km hike from Waterfall to Heathcote via Karlo pools.

So, this hot sunny Sunday morning we boarded the 8:46am train to Waterfall. Arriving at Waterfall at 9:30 we set off for our walk. The walk started at the eastern end of the Waterfall train station car park.

The trail is a bit iffy until we hit the fire trail. It was extremely easy to follow (and I’m not a hiker).

The trail was very water logged due to the storms we had been having.

We arrived at Karlo pools by 12:30pm after seeing a snake, frogs and a few lizards.

The pools were large and the water was nice and cool. Had lunch at the pools and watched the people coming and going.

We made our way back to Heathcote for the 4:10pm train. The way to Heathcote was a much harder walk then getting to Karlo pools.

It was a fun day but for me a tough hike.


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