Chinese New Year

So the Topdeck crew arranged a lunch in Sydney and I decided to go.

I caught the 8:30 am bus from Fairy Meadow which took just over 2 hours to get to central.

To my surprise Chinese New Year celebrations started that day. I made my way to the Chinese Friendship Gardens to watch the Lion Dance. On the way I spotted my first out of 12 Lunar Lanterns being the Goat.


The Lion dance was amazing, it was two young fellows in the lion. They would jump up and down to the beat of the drum and symbols. One of the lions even danced off a pole, it was pretty cool.


From there it was time to head across to the Glenmore in The Rocks. Where we were meeting for lunch. The food was nothing special but the view from the roof was. You could see the Opera House.
From there I went to check out the rest of the Lunar Lanterns. That set me on a walk around the harbour and through the city back to the train.


It was amazing seeing all the effort that goes into the making of the lanterns.
I was also amazed at how many businesses had taken up the opportunity of celebrating the New Year.

4 thoughts on “Chinese New Year

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