Ziplining – Illawarra Treetop Adventures

One cool autumn day I decided to take a drive up Jamberoo Mountain to the Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventure. Since they opened their zipline track I wanted to go.

So I made the hour long drive and marvelled at the rolling hilled dairy farms.

I got to the Fly by 10am and brought my ticket for an 11am ziplining tour ($75). I decided to tackle the walk first and headed off following the track to the 1.5km steel walk through trees.

From the walk on this overcast day you saw the endless farms, Albion Park, Lake Illawarra, Shellharbour and even the beach. I was amazed!

As I walked on I heard a strange zipping noise from behind and I had soon found the zipline track with a lone zipliner on a cloud.

Once I was satisfied that I had explored the walk enough I set my feet back on solid ground and waited for my tour to start.

The tour starts with a 15-20 minute safety briefing and all it really is is getting you in your harness. We then made the walk to the starting point. By this stage I was nervous. Oh! Have I mentioned I am scared of heights.

As we made our way up the deck, guide number 1 made his way to the first cloud (the landing dock).

As my turn came round I couldn’t wait. Holding my harness guide number 2 instructed me to sit down, so I did. Then let my fee go, so cautiously I let them hang over the edge and he sent me flying. I made it to the cloud with everything intact.
The cloud is your waiting platform some 35 metres off the ground and attached to a tree. If you are thinking it is steel you are wrong, it is a trampoline but we are told not to bounce.
The next part is two suspension bridges. Where you are still connected to the wires and you make the nerve racking crossing along two suspension bridges.

Before you know it you are taking the longest zipline to the next cloud.

On the last zipline they even try to make you go handless and then you land on solid ground full of adrenaline.
I must admit I was pretty scared doing this one. But once I got going it was amazing. When we were on the zipline you could see the ground at all times.
Zipline starting point

On the drive home I made two stops. One being the Jamberoo Lookout in Buderoo National Park off Knights Hill Road. Which gives you the same view as the treetop walk.

The other stop was Minnamurra Rainforest, but that is for next week.
Jamberoo Lookout

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