No: 22 Bushrangers Bay

Today I crossed off number 22 on my Illawarra Bucket List. I snorkelled around Bushrangers Bay. This was the first time I have been snorkelling and it won’t be the last. The thrill of seeing what you are swimming with is amazing.

So how did it go?


One cloudy cool Sunday I coned my parents into taking me to Bushrangers Bay. They didn’t even know where it was. (Neither did I!) We packed up the car and left with spits of rain in the air. The spits weren’t going to ruin our day because either way we got a Sunday drive to a place we hadn’t been.

IMG_3298 (2).JPG

We drove to Bass Point Reserve where Bushrangers Bay is located (a.k.a Shellharbour). We passed the surfing beach, the working quarry and the diving spot and found the secluded bay that was known as Bushrangers Bay.


It was freezing but there was no rain. We made our way up the path, down the stairs to a rocky bay. In the distance was a group of four divers.


I made my way into the water and that was cold but not as cold as being out of the water. With my mask on and snorkel in I swam around the reefs of the little bay for about half an hour. I saw fish bigger than my feet (which isn’t hard) and sea plants swaying all around me. I was surprised that underwater was not very colourful, maybe it was the day or maybe it was the spot – if anyone has been please let me know what you saw?


Now I did take some photos underwater with my Disposable Kmart camera but we are going to have to wait until after the new year to see if they came out.


It was amazing swimming around with little fish. I know you do this in the ocean and rock pools but this was different.


After my half an hour we ran back to the car. I got warm and Mum and Dad put on their jackets. It was time to explore the land.



We walked along the fisherman’s path and explored the rocks, it was amazing and you could mistake the bay as the bay of fires in Tasmania but it is smaller and open to the elements more.


After we exhausted Bushrangers Bay and views to Kiama and Killalea, we checked out the fuss of Boston Point where the divers were. Boston Point is also the memorial of an American tanker which ran aground back in 1943. My understanding is that the ship has been salvaged and sold as scrap parts.


The point is amazing and shows the cost that hugs around Shellharbour and suburbs. There were a few fisherman, some surfies and lots of divers around but that was all.

We ended the morning with the drive back home for lunch.

Can’t wait to snorkel again!


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