New Zealand Bound – Bucket List

So I am heading over to New Zealand’s North Island in my Christmas break. It will be 2 weeks of spreading my wings and do as much as I can. I will be travelling on Topdecks 7 day Northern Explorer trip with 2 extra days in Auckland and Wellington.

I have decided to make a list of things I would like to do or see. They are usually just things I like the sound of by reading the name of it. Some of them are optional extras, others will be compulsory for the trip and others will be just cause.

So here is the list and come back in a few weeks to see how I went.


  1. Walk along to water to Mission Bay
  2. See the Parnell Rose Garden
  3. Check out One Tree Hill
  4. Lookout at Bastion
  5. Learn about the Maori culture

Bay of Islands

  1. Spend 24 hours on Rock the Boat
  2. Take a first and go snorkelling
  3. Take time out by kayaking


  1. Take a Hobbiton Tour
  2. Try my hand at Horse Riding
  3. Check out the Canopy
  4. How about the Rotorua Museum
  5. Luge down the Skyline
  6. Check out Waimangu Volcanic Valley
  7. See the buried village of Te Wairoa

Tongariro National Park

  1. Learn to play Rugby
  2. Take a hike on the Tongariro Crossing


  1. Check out the Beehive
  2. How about a stroll through the Botanic Gardens
  3. Take a look at the Government Building Historic Reserve
  4. Go back in history at Wallaceville Blockhouse
  5. See the Colonial Cottage
  6. How about Antrim House
  7. You can’t miss Pencarrow Lighthouse

So that is my list. It looks like it will be a nice and busy holiday.

Don’t forget to come back in a few weeks to see what I ticked off.

P.S.  Check out my last New Zealand TripNo: 22 – Bushrangers BayMy Illawarra Bucket List


8 thoughts on “New Zealand Bound – Bucket List

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