UOW – Campus Tree Walk

I have been doing swimming lessons at UOW to build up my confidence so that I can go snorkelling in New Zealand. I knew that the Uni had a few walks around it. One of them is the Campus Tree Walk.

Uni Tree Walk (67).JPG

While I am not in the know about trees I decided to download the map and check it out.

The walk only takes 15-30 minutes and you see the main parts of the Uni. It is a good ice-breaker into Uni as well because you walk along the main internal road a bit and you go through the main passages around the library and other buildings. It does get confusing because the walk itself is not signed posted however the trees are.

Uni Tree Walk (24).JPG

The Uni has 44 species of Eucalypt and rainforest trees and two ponds. The uni have published a very detailed map that goes into every type of tree.

Uni Tree Walk (26).JPG

So, why should you go? Well it is the weekend and you are wanting to go for a walk but you are bored with your usual spot. Check out the Uni.

Uni Tree Walk (39).JPG

Parking is free from what I can tell, there is hardly anyone around, the birds don’t fly at you. Did I mention it is nice and peaceful, you could even take a picnic (no one will notice).


I have been to the Uni a few times before but usually it is in session and everyone is super busy and fast. It was lovely just strolling the empty lanes taking my time.

Uni Tree Walk (51).JPG

Uni Tree Walk (55).JPG

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