Sand Dune Safaris

On a cloudy, rainy day I decided to try my hand at Sandboarding in Anna Bay, Port Stephens.
With no idea what to expect I got to the pick-up point where there were 3 different sandboarding options. I had booked online at with a company called Sand Dune Safaris.



I was surprised to see so much sand and Camels and horses on the sand. I thought it would just be sand dunes at the beach (there is a beach there but we weren’t using those Sand Dunes).


So Brett the owner took me for a 10 minute drive out to the bigger sand dunes and to their little playground which is the furthest away and the highest slope is 60 foot.


I wasn’t game enough to try the 60 foot slopes or stand up on the board but I enjoyed going down them and then struggling to get back up the hill. I lasted about an hour, doing 4 runs in between rain and then jumped back on the bus before the dark clouds came over.

My instructor Riley was able to stand up on the board and was very good considering it was his 4th shift.


In all it was a very enjoyable experience and the only thing that could have been better was the weather.

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