Kangaroo Valley Kayaks

We decided to go Kayaking in Kangaroo Valley. Which is a 1 hour and 15 minute drive south of Wollongong in the Shoalhaven.

We started at Hampden Bridge and went through to Bendeela Camping Ground. A 6 km kayak along the Kangaroo River.

We used the Kayaks from Kangaroo Valley Tourist Park which were $35 per person for 2 hours with a lift back to the tourist part.

Kangaroo Valley (1)
Kangaroo Valley Kayaks

We went through a few small rapids and many rocky areas. I believe the water was deep and most of the time you could not see through it.

It was nice and peaceful on the water and the views were spectacular and there was hardly anyone on the river until we got the Bendeela.
We beached where there was a little wooden walk way. We only knew that was our spot because our lift was waiting for us.
We were all very tired by the end of the kayak so we went and enjoyed a meal at the Friendly Inn. The pricing was between $16 and $25 and the highlight of the menu was the Alpaca burger which was reviewed as alright and chewy.
Kangaroo Valley (35)
Kangaroo River
We drove along the coast road and went through Berry which took us up Berry Mountain with a lot of scenic views. We were amazed at how green the farms were and marvelled over the rolling hills. The drive always surprises me as I forget how amazing the South Coast really is.
In all the day was pretty fun and active.

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