My Brother’s weekend

After a week of hell I was glad to escape for the weekend. I was heading to Sydney while Wollongong buzzed with bikies and cruise ship tourists.

My plan was to bunk with my brother in his studio apartment for the night, it would be my first and most probably last sleep over in Chippendale. So up I went day dreaming outside the train window (actually taking photos).


First stop was Pitt Street Mall to browse the shops. After that I strolled George Street until I got to my brother’s where we made our plans.


We set off to UTS and checked out The Goods Line then strolled through Glebe and Forest Lodge to the Tramshed in Harold Park.

The Tramshed

We made a few stops being Gleebooks and the Glebe markets. Glebe and Forest Lodge is filled with lovely little terraces and houses.

The Tramshed

We had a lovely New Zealand Fish & Chips at Fish & Co in the Tramshed. The Tramshed is full of fancy little eateries which my brother assured me have lines during peak times.

Fish & co

Dinner was followed with bridge spotting and dog weaving in Bicentennial Park in Glebe.

My brother then took me on the light rail back to his place where he showed me the buzzing Spice Alley and sat for desert at Koi.


Koi is out the front of his studio and is always busy. I am not a fancy eater and he did try to warn me but once I had chosen my Raspberry and Chocolate brownie there was no going back. Fancy it was but lovely as well.


The next day saw us stroll through Paddy’s Market at the quietest time of day being bright and early at 10:00am. They were deserted and we got to have a good look at all the souvenirs they sell.

The Goods Line

We then went and enjoyed morning tea at The Palace Tea Room in the Queen Victoria Building. We sat around the balustrade and people watched as my brother drank Superior Oolong Tea and I sipped Assam.

The Palace Tea Room

We then strolled back to his place up George Street and enjoyed burgers at Ribs & Burgers in Central Park while listening to live music.

Ultimo Tafe

Before I knew it, I was back on the train only just managing a to find a seat on the 4 carriage train back home.

Forest Lodge

I was home in time to farewell Wollongong’s first Cruise ship.

Thank you for the lovely and enjoyable weekend Brother!

Farewell Cruise
Bridge Spotting

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