Mt Kembla Summit Walk

I made my way through the dead streets of Wollongong on a cloudy Sunday morning to meet some fellow bushwalkers whom i had never met before.

We were walking to the summit of Hat Hill. Hat Hill is also known as Mount Kembla and was named Hat Hill by Captain Cook as it looked like a hat.

Mt Kembla (1)
The Start

The walk is at the end of Cordeaux Road. One would call it a lookout but it is more like a dead end with a clearing for the rather large and obstructive power pole. The power pole and lines ruin the view of the lookout but you can still see to Jamberoo.

We locate the start of the walk with ease as there are markers marking the start.

The walk branches off straight away, you can continue straight and walk a loop or you veer left and walk to the summit.

Mt Kembla (1) (2)
The Track

The bush is not too thick and you can see through it and capture glimpses of what we think is the car yard for the car carriers which is situated below the mountain.

Our feet squished along the muddy leafy path as we leisurely strolled through the bush. We climbed the mossy boulders to get a glimpse of our gigantic lake.

We reach the summit after a short but steep climb over rocks on a well worn path.

Mt Kembla (1) (15)
The  View

The view is amazing. You get to see how lucky we are to live in a regional city with a massive lake, industry and lush green farms amongst hundreds of houses.

Once we had exhausted our photo opportunities we made our way back along the path.

We noticed a quirky letterbox with a walking stick in it. We opened the box and found a black diary with a note instructing us to leave our names and greet the Mt Kembla Walkers.

Mt Kembla (1) (6)

We fill in our day in the diary laughing at our weird find.

We made our way down the mossy summit past the well prepared campsite that was waiting for the return of its owner to the light fire.

We made it to the carpark in no time, we had an amazing hour and a half to get to know our five walking companions.

Mt Kembla (1) (14)

We marveled at our little treasure trove of views we found and were keen to plan our next adventure.

The Mount Kembla Summit walk is a 3.4km return medium hike. There is one ladder and steep rocky section. The majority of the path if flat dirt.


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