Sculptures at Killalea

We took our Sunday drive south this week and went to the unexplored territory of Killalea State Park or more commonly known as The Farm. That controversial piece of coast nestled in the ever expanding Shell Cove.

Killalea oct 16 (9).jpg

Killalea State Park hosted sculptures last week. There was a large range of sculptures spread out over the park and the Lions club was seeing to the parking arrangements.

Killalea oct 16 (15).jpg

After being directed where to park, we proceeded to enter the section of the sculptures. We got bailed up by the chatty volunteer who mentioned that a lot of locals had never even been to the park and a heap more didn’t even know the Sculptures were on.

Killalea oct 16 (13).jpg

We started on the left side and moved along. Amazed at the artwork and even more at the view, we strolled through the park taking photos and trying to decide which sculpture would get our vote.

Killalea oct 16 (14).jpg

Once we exhausted the sculptures we decided to follow the trail south. We could already see to Port Kembla, so what would the south bring?

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We passed some young teenagers who were chatting about the ‘barrels’ in the surf this sunny day and I just laughed as we passed because it looked pretty flat to me. (They clearly need to venture north more!)

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The South brought views of Kiama and we were gobsmacked.

You have this massive park that no one wants touched with so much tourism potential. Yes, there were locals about and there were surfers but please look at how busy the Northern Suburbs are (I’m talking Austinmer), they get day trippers all the time. There are shops, eateries, beach, pool and walking track, everything up there. All Killalea has, is an open green space that isn’t even looked after nicely and a spectacular view (Ok, rant over now!)

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After our stroll we walked back to the sculpture area and checked out the little market that they had going. The parking was pretty full and they were stopping people at the entrance to direct them by this time to another area and the entertainment had only just begun.

Over the week the organisers put on a few different events from a senior’s day to ceramic painting and sculpting.

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I can’t wait to see what they do next year and thank you Illawarra for supporting the event in the thousands, a great day out.

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P.s. Leura Cascades – Veterans Instameet 8Shellharbour Rotary Markets

Killalea oct 16 (12).jpg


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