Leura Cascades – Veterans Instameet 8

The day started at 2:00am with the house alarm going off (the alarm wasn’t even turned on). After a few rough hours of sleep after the alarm was sorted I woke up to find that Mum was to sick to join us on a day trip to Leura, north west of us and a 2 hour drive.

Dad and I set off on our journey at 8:00am. He took me through the farmland and the ever expanding south western suburbs of Sydney (Picton). He said this was quicker than going on the express way. The roads were dead, it was so nice and different from going to Sydney.

Processed with VSCO
The Cascades

I knew that I had been to Katoomba before, I remember seeing the Three Sisters, but I can’t tell you when that was. It is just one of the many places that I know I have been to but don’t remember.


We arrived in Leura just after 10:00am to find the main street buzzing with people and markets. We took the detour and headed to the Cascades.

Cascades path

We met our fellow instameeters in the Cascades car park, armed with our cameras and tripods. We were given our mission which was to capture the Cascades in new and creative ways and to also try our most creative shots with a bottle of Ironbark Moonshine.

Processed with VSCO
Moonshine from Ironbark Distillery

We proceeded down the path to the first Cascade and gathered for a group photo.

Before we knew it we were heading down  several series of steps to the bottom of the first track. We captured the Cockatoos buzzing around the valley, the top of the falls and then I decided to go higher.


Up I went and I finally found the falls, I could only see a small part. I was not game to go to far but should have gone further.


I proceeded back down the stair case to the first landing and Dad had decided that we would back track to the true Cascade.

Veterans Instameet - Leura Cascades oct 16 (150).JPG



I played around with my light and long exposures using my camera in my hand. Once Dad was finished with the tripod I took my advantage to learn how to make the water look like a sheet.

And success! I could go home now.

Veterans Instameet - Leura Cascades oct 16 (133).JPG

I weaved my way in and out of the bush to capture the different areas of the falls before we piled in our cars and headed for a late lunch at Alexandria Hotel in Leura. Where we enjoyed a nice lunch and chatted about the falls and our photography.

Veterans Instameet - Leura Cascades oct 16 (178).JPG

Dad surprised me on the way home by detouring to Katoomba (15minutes up the road) to check out the Three Sisters.

The Three Sisters were busier than the Cascades had been all day. It was so cool and the look out was massive and the view was beautiful.

The Three Sisters

After a quick stop we headed home keen to check out our photos and here is the result.

Processed with VSCO

The Veterans Instameet was like the first one, fun and entertaining. It helped me take my photography to another level, with helpful advice and I can’t wait for the next one.

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The valley near Three Sisters

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