Mum’s Weekend

The day started normally with waking up and putting the washing on straight away.

Once we were ready Mum, my brother and I piled into my brothers car. My brother was heading home from his overnight trip to Wollongong. Mum and I were heading to Sydney for a weekend away.

My brother was our chauffeur. This was our first weekend away just Mum and I ever.

Mum's b'day weekend oct 2016 (234).jpg

We were staying at the Sofitel Wentworth. The only landmark near it that we knew was Martin Place.

My brother drove us to his car park near World Square and then set us on to Castlereagh Street before we sent him on his way.

We strolled down past Martin Place as the only people wheeling luggage down the street and to our hotel. We checked in and headed to our room which had a lovely view of the garden.

We had a 2:00pm appointment at the Soiree` but it was 12noon and I was hungry. Mum suggested we go to David Jones food court. So we walked to David Jones had a look at the early Christmas decorations then brought some fruit. We browsed the shops killing time.

The Strand

We made it back to the hotel in time to get dressed up and to head to high tea at 2:00pm. We walked into the lobby bar called Soiree` looking a little confused and being looked at up and down. We asked one of the bar staff if they serve high tea and they replied ‘yes’. They sat us down for high tea with nicely coloured cups and gold cutlery. We were served a selection of cakes and our tea and were left to it. We had the Archibald High Tea for $55 a head and it included a ticket to the Archibald prize.

High Tea

Once we were sick of it we got changed again and set off to Circular Quay where people were everywhere.

We walked through the Rocks weaving our way to Barangaroo. We had a barramundi and steak dinner at Adria on Cockle Bay Wharf and joined the many people in the past time of people watching.


The next day saw daylight saving kick in.

We enjoyed a hotel breakfast before turning on the Culture Walks app and setting the map to Sydney Laneways.

Bird Cages

We followed the old tank stream in between George and Pitt Street from Martin Place to Macquarie Place. We were covering uncharted territory. You could tell that most of the lanes were used for back entrances. Apart from that we spied on the bird cages at Angel Place, the Ivy Bar, the Basement, some cool old buildings and not another sole in the lanes.

In Tank Stream Lane an old garage

From Macquarie Place we zigzagged our way to the back of Custom House and went back in time to an old shipyard.

We caught our breath in Custom House and made the hard decision on what to do next while gazing at Sydney from above.

3D Sydney in Custom House

We decided to head to the Rocks and followed the Nurse’s Walk to the markets. From there we headed to the next level and took in the views of the Harbour from the roof of the Glenmore.

We then decided to climb the Bridge Stairs to see what all the fuss was about and it was ‘WOW!’ We climbed back down and enjoyed a lovely Italian lunch at Appetito.

The Rocks

After lunch we had a stroll to Mrs Macquarie Chair where we viewed some lovely flowers and even more amazing roots.

We recouped before feasting on steaks at Searock at Circular Quay.

The last day saw my brother and father meet us in Sydney.

The Rocks

Dad, Mum and I headed over to the Art Gallery of NSW to enjoy the art of the Archibald. We got in nice and early while it was quite and pretty much had the room to ourselves. The exhibition ends on 9 October 2016.

We met my brother at Martin Place train station and we jumped on a train to Kings Cross. My brother showed off to us Kings Cross and the main street of Potts Point. He went to show us an amazing view of the harbour and was disappointed when we arrived and saw Navel ships.

The Garden

We then went back to the main street for Mum’s birthday lunch at The Fish Shop. The eatery that usually has lines was empty and waiting for us. Following a good lunch we ended up in Westfield in Sydney for desert.

In all the weekend was amazing, we saw some new areas and went back to some old. We never spend enough time in Sydney.

The Harbour

P.S. Carrington FallsBondi to TamaramaLeura Cascades – Veterans Instameet 8


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