Cascade Falls

Cascades Rainforest Walk is located at the base of Macquarie Pass in the Macquarie Pass National Park. This is a half hour drive from Wollongong at the back of Albion Park. It is at the start of Macquarie Pass which is a windy road that goes up the mountain to Robertson.

The Start

The walking track starts at the rear of the Cascades Picnic Ground. You take a lovely 1km stroll through the rainforest. The track is a well-kept dirt track with a few steps.

The Track

At the end of the track you see the lovely 20 metre Cascade Falls. You return the same way you came. This walk should take about 30 minutes.

The Rainforest

Apparently there is a walk to the top of the falls but oblivious to that and not knowing it at the time we did not see this track.

The Vines

At the moment this is my favourite local waterfall. But then I have only just started looking.

The Falls

P.s. Fitzroy FallsSunrise at Sublime Point


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