Fitzroy Falls

Fitzroy Falls are located in the Southern Highlands. It is just over one hour south of Wollongong. The Falls are found in the northern end of Morton National Park. The National Park has a $4 parking fee.

The First Part of the Track

Fitzroy Falls is an 81 metre waterfall. There are a number of walking tracks that are well kept. The Falls also have a visitors centre with a café. The park is open 9 to 5 every day except Christmas.

On this particular visit we explored the West Rim Track to the Jersey lookout which is a lovely spot to view the Falls. On the walk to Jersey lookout you pass a termite mound which is home to half a million milk termites. The first lookout looks out across the Yarrunga Valley which is 640 metres above sea level with forest as far as the eye can see.
Yarrunga Valley
The walk to the first lookout is cement or metal but from there it is well kept dirt track.
We only spent about half an hour here but I wish we had more time to explore.
Second Part of the Track
Fitzroy Falls from Jersey Lookout
Termite Mound

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