Sunrise at Sublime Point

When I would tell people “This weekend I’m hiking Sublime Point to see the Sunrise.” They would say “ok” until I would add “I’ve never been up before. It shouldn’t be too bad”. They would then laugh and start going on about the ladders.

So I woke up at 4:30am to start walking at 5:15am at Austinmer. We actually started the walk at 5:30am and the aim was to be up at Sublime Point for first light at 6:15am and the sun was to rise at 6:40am.

Sunrise Sublime Point Walk (5)

We took the walk nice and slow and as we got half an hour into the walk the first light was showing.

If we looked north through the trees we saw a bright orange glow on the horizon and the south was showing the city lights. The only problem was the trees were in the way of the view and we needed to get higher.

As we got to the ladders another half hour later the sun was rising right on time.

We made the easy climb up the nine ladders and one hour and a half after we started we made it to Sublime Point.

Sunrise Sublime Point Walk (18).JPG

Whilst we missed the first light and the start of the sunrising it was still amazing and cold. We watched the view for a bit and then headed back down. We went easily down the ladders and hobbled down the steps.

To me the hike was the longest 800metres I have ever walked. It was an amazing experience and now I have to do it during the day. The pictures won’t be as nice though!

Sunrise Sublime Point Walk (13).jpg

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