Nan Tien Temple

This has got to be the quietest and most peaceful place in the Illawarra. Yes, we are talking about our very own Buddhist Temple. The Nan Tien Temple in Berkeley is a 15 minute drive south of Wollongong.

The Temple opened in 1995 and is a branch of the Fo Guang Shan. We proudly host the biggest Buddhist Temple in the Southern Hemisphere. The temple took 2 years to build after a 5 year planning process. It brings in a lot of tourists to Wollongong.


You can go have a look at the Temple for free on Tuesday to Sunday between 9 am and 5 pm. The highlights for me are the main shrine and being able to the hit the gong. Also, the view from the gong is pretty amazing.

You can do guided tours on Saturday and Sunday at 1 pm. You must book and these cost $4 per person.

The Temple host a range of classes on mediation, Tai Chi, Buddhism and other topics.

It is an unusual but welcome site on the coast of NSW and you can see it a mile off.

I have been a few times now and love it.

P.s. Forager’s Market.  Shooting the Milky Way

Sunrise at Sublime Point


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