Shellharbour Rotary Markets

We decided to go for a drive to Shellharbour Village. You may have heard of Shellharbour, most people talk about “The Square” the main shopping centre in Shellharbour. The Village is the old part of Shellharbour and the more attractive area. It is a 10 minute drive from the shopping centre and occupies the waterfront.

It is a one street (being Addison Street) village which was busy on this Sunday morning. The Village is a mix of old and new buildings with the area closer to the beach full of outdoor eating. It really is a lovely and busy place.

To our surprise Little Park (at the bottom of the street) had markets on. The markets are hosted by the local Rotary Club and are held every 4th Sunday between 9am and 3pm.

There would have been about 20-30 stalls all selling different things. There were bags, hats, ice-cream, pictures, mosaics and all sorts of nick knacks.

We then went for a small stroll along the water. It was a lovely day.

Eat Street Markets – Wollongong

Forager’s Market


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