A real Winter

I wanted to go to the snow again so planned to go to Canberra for a long weekend. I didn’t want to drive to the snow so knew the only option was a bus. I also knew that I would only need a day trip.

2016 Corin Forest (41)
Corin Forest

I booked the Novotel Canberra for accommodation as it is also the bus depot. I than booked an early Greyhound bus for the snow. 4 weeks out the bus got cancelled and the only bus going from Canberra arrived at the snow at 2pm. You would be leaving the snow at 5pm and this would defeat the purpose of going.

After googling a hundred times to find a bus I finally realised the snow trip was down the toilet.

I had Mum and Dad tagging along as well but they didn’t want to go to the snow. Canberra would be cold enough for them.

2016 Ice Skating (10)
Winter Festival

We made the 3 hour trek to Canberra which had a forecast of rain. Dad dropped us at the DFO in Fyshwick and went for a business meeting.

Mum & I spent an hour and a half strolling the shops before we gained enough courage to venture outside.

Before we knew it Dad was back and we were heading for the hotel. We checked in and unloaded our gear into our massive rooms.

We ventured over to the Civic centre for some lunch.

2016 (2)

I had found that the Winter Festival (23/6-17/7) was on while we were in town, so after lunch we went to check out the setup in Garem Place. I decided I just had to try out ice skating which was $25 for 50 minutes on the rink.

So amateur me spent 15 minutes holding on to the side rails doing loops of the rink while the other 3 pros did spins and skated confidently around.

After half an hour I called it quits and am proud to say I only fell once.

The other activities being the giant slide and toboggan area had no-one at all on them.

2016 Ice Skating (23)

We survived the first day of 5 degree weather and manage to keep the rain away.

Day 2 saw us drive 50 minutes into the Tidbinbilla Ranges to Corin Forest. Where we found a little snow paradise.

The snow was fake but hey who cares! A couple of days before we went they did have real snow fall. Corin Forest is apparently the closest place to Canberra that has snow.

2016 Ice Skating (34)

You can Toboggan, make snowmen, learn to ski or snow board. The slopes are tiny but are the best of fun. I did snow play which was $15 for 2 and half hours. Next time I would like to learn to ski.

The road to Corin Forest was sealed and you started seeing snow about 15 minutes out of Corin Forest.

2016 Corin Forest (18)

We had lunch at Brodburger (apparently it is famous, but hey we didn’t know that!) in the suburb of Kingston. There was a 40 minute wait but the burgers were amazing.

2016 Corin Forest (37)

We then had a look at the Canberra Glassworks where we watched some glass blowing and saw some kiln work.

We finished the day and the trip with a walk around the trendy and new suburb called Kingston as well as the amazingly still lake.

After a nice two cold days in Canberra we were glad to get out of the single digit numbers and back into the double digits of Wollongong.

2016 Glassworks (1)

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