The Fortified Quebec City

It all started with the Mounties in the driveway. We knew we were in for a good time especially when we hopped out of the lift of the hotel feeling a little under dressed for the Mounties Ball.

We had entered the city via the fabulous Montmorency Falls Park which are 83m high that is 30m higher than Niagara Falls and a lot better looking if you ask me!
Whether it is getting lost through the narrow streets or eating in a little Italian restaurant this place was intriguing.

From the Plains of Abraham (where if you are lucky you may just get to see a concert in) you get the marvellous views of the whole city.

Be warned the old city has three levels to it and everywhere is amazing. In the old city everywhere you look, the history of the town seeps through the walls and the best spot to take it in is along the 4.6km Fortification walls.

There are a few places to go before you head out of the old city towards the Parliament. Make sure you check out the amazing Place Royale, do some window shopping in Quarter Petit Champlain as well as drop in on a Christmas shop to make the whole place feel even more magical.

Walking around the city you get a feel of how different Quebec City is compared to Montreal, Toronto and all the other cities. The apartments have roof top gardens and outdoor dining areas.

Now that you have covered the old city go for a walk to Parliament Hill and once you are finished there be sure to walk around the newer section of Quebec City. Who knows what you might find?

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