A light show like no other

Last Saturday we braved the cold and wet forecast and risked a night in Sydney. I went to a Travel Writing course at Sydney University and it timed in with the opening of Vivid so Mum and Dad tagged along.

Sydney University

Our day started bright and early at 7:30am with the easy drive up to Sydney. Mum and Dad dropped me off at Sydney University. The course went from 9:30am to 3:30pm and I am hoping I learnt a few things from it.


I met Mum and Dad at Central Park in Chippendale and we walked to Central Station. From there we jumped on the train to Town Hall. The disorientated mother and I followed Dad out of the Town Hall into the historic Queen Victoria Building, which is always flooded with people.

Walsh Bay

From here we went for a super early dinner at Vapiano next to the Grace Hotel in York Street. Here we saw some other folks from the Gong. We ate our pasta and pizza and decided we would drop off our bags back at the car as we were still really early for the lights.

Walsh Bay

Dad is into booking online at the cheapest place he can find. This Saturday it had us parking at the Amora Jamison.

Walsh Bay

After putting on a few extra layers we started walking towards Walsh Bay. After a few streets we decided to detour through the deserted Barangaroo where we go to see the hands of the Aboriginal Flag. Which was out for Reconciliation Week.

Opera House

By the time we got to Walsh Bay it was just on 6pm and the staff/volunteers of Vivid were just turning on the interactive lights. Which included a Fish Box, Spinning Cubes, Mirror Room and Dancing Lights.

The Rocks

We made our way under the Harbour Bridge and were amazed at the Opera House and as we passed the Rocks it was clear it was the crowd favourite.

The Rocks

People were everywhere by this stage and you were dodging tripods.

Museum of Contemporary Art

We joined the forest of people out the front of Customs House to watch the building be turned into a bookcase. It was gobsmacking!

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Luna Park

We fought the crowd around to the Royal Botanic Gardens where there was a circular route marked out for you to take in the lights in all there glory.

Botanic Gardens

Under the arch of lights you could not move at all. They turned the trees into pom poms and roses before we escaped the crowd onto Macquarie Street.

200 years of Garden

We headed to Martin Place which was not much compared to what we just saw.

Arch of Lights

We strolled back to the car and attempted to take the detours out of the city but ended up crossing the Harbour Bridge. The return trip gave us a different view of the lights and a glimpse of the light displays at Darling Harbour.

Martin Place

By the time we got home we were glad to enjoy a warm shower and a good night sleep.

Vivid runs from 27 May 2016 to 18 June 2016. The lights in most precincts are on between 6pm and 11pm.

Vivid is not just about the lights. They have a range of music and other events on as well. Also, the lights aren’t just around the Harbour. They can be found in Central Park, Kings Cross and Chatswood as well.

Canberra – Enlighten 2016

Tutti in Piazza

24hr snow trip


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