French Canada

Ottawa Parliament
The coldest cities I have ever been to, being Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec and Montreal.
I couldn’t believe it listening to the tour guides stories about how cold it gets and how the residents just keep on going. We complain about anything less than 20 degrees in Australia.

Fairmont in Ottawa
I loved the thought that no matter how wet and cold it was, you could get from your house to work and you would be dry and not by car but on foot. The whole town of Toronto was on the ground level and under was another level of shops, restaurants and walkways, it was amazing. In fact it was a maze too!
We lost our way of course and gave up because they don’t hand out maps for the underground. I absolutely loved the idea that you didn’t have to get wet any more.
No matter how cold (or hot) it got  you were met with a smile and life would continue on.


Quebec City

National Park or Fun Park

The Fortified Quebec City


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