National Park or Fun Park

Think the Gold Coast and Las Vegas combined, that is what we saw. Very different to the national parks we see in Australia.

We were crossing the border into Canada all excited, because this was our first town in Canada to visit. Our tour guide mentioned Niagara Falls had 3 casinos.

The falls themselves were amazing and the Hornblower cruise taking us straight under them was the best.

As I got to my room the first night I was absolutely amazed at the falls and the Memorial day fireworks, but when I looked away from the falls all I saw was an amusement park.
The main street of Niagara Falls, Canada was full of rides, gaming arcades and fun.
I couldn’t believe it! This was a national park in our eyes and it was nothing like what we expected.

The Casinos were run by the Natives and they made money from them which was an awesome idea but still it was a national park, a great wonder of the world and yet it was a fun park, amusement park, somewhere for schoolies.

Memorial Weekend in Washington

French Canada


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