Memorial Weekend in Washington

We pick our holiday timing very carefully so we were completely surprised as we hit the road to find out we were going to be in Washington for Memorial Weekend with some 100,000 bikers.
I found this to be an amazing experience we were going to be in the capital at the peak of celebrations for the defence force, which is a big thing in the USA.

Rolling Thunder
We noticed that everyone has so much respect for the defence force in America and that with the bikers in town Washington had a good feel to it.
Going past Arlington all of the graves had American flags on them, I thought that was amazing, I had never seen a large group of people with so much respect before.


Arlington Cemetery
No matter how rough and ready these bikers were there was a calm presence around them.
We were amused at how no one really new how many bikers would come into town that weekend but it definitely made Washington a highlight of the trip.


War Monument
Martin Luther King

New York

National Park or Fun Park


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