New York

Mum’s dream was to go to New York for her 50th. We didn’t make it for her 50th, but we made it in the end.
We spent one week in New York and walked everywhere.

Our first day was spent walking to the financial district and back up broadway until we could walk no more.
Every other day was very much the same. We were blessed with the best weather and walked our socks off. To be honest we were glad when we hit the road to Washington.
Grand Central Station
By the end of the week we had seen all of the main tourist sites and had not once been into any museum.
Our last day it rained and we decided to hit the Museum of Natural History. It was packed.
I must admit I was not a fan of New York and was happy to leave. It was too busy and congested – but I was glad to have seen it.
Time Square
I couldn’t work out why everyone loves it and why everyone says it is so cheap, once you add all of their taxes into the price on the wall, then do the conversion cost, everything was either the same as here or more expensive.
The Helmsley Building
 Nowhere will ever seem busy now!



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