Great Illawarra Walk

A wake up at 5:30am is never ideal especially when you are faced with a 43 kilometre walk. The mission for the day was to walk from Shellharbour Village to Coalcliff. This according to Google is a 9 hour walk.

So as we made our way through the deserted streets to Shellharbour, I said I would be happy to get back to Fairy Meadow.

We set off walking at 7am watching the town wake up and made the long stretch to Warrawong in 2 hours. Just in time for a toilet break. We scattered all over Warrawong in different directions for food, coffee and a rest.

The next stretch was the most boring as all you were looking at was the steelworks and overgrown weeds. But we got to Wollongong by 10:30 and I decided I need a seat and some food (worst decision ever!).
I was back on the road traipsing up Keira Street before I knew it.


By the time I got to Fairy Meadow my legs were dead and I stopped to change over socks and have some lunch.
By this stage I had decided to go to Corrimal and then assess if I could continue. As I approached Towradgi Road I made the realisation that I probably should give in to my sore legs and turned off to make my way to my grandparents’ house.
5 hours after I started my walk I had 26 kilometres under my belt. With a few blisters and sore legs I was pretty stoked. I had gotten further than I thought and I hadn’t even trained.
So, you’re now thinking why the hell did I put myself through this. My answer for all charity fitness events is simply because I can.

This cooler than the past few Saturdays I participated in the 99.5 Kilometre, two day walk known as the Great Illawarra Walk. And it is Great!

The walk is in its 8th year and has raised over $440,000. As mentioned before you walk from Shellharbour to Coalcliff along the Princes Highway one day and the next along the beach back to Shellharbour.
This year they raised money for the Denny Foundation. They had 256 participants and raised over $56,000.
The only thing is you need to train. It is a hell of a long way.
I have to applaud the organisers. They made sure we were hydrated the whole way with water stops every few kilometres.
I only wish I could have made it to Coalcliff. The views would have been amazing! But I learnt my lesson and I will train next time.
While you drive through the suburbs we walked through all the time you see a lot of different things walking. Like a statue, a business or maybe just a nice house.

It was an amazing adventure and I can’t wait to tackle the northern section of the walk one day!


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