Day 8 Christchurch

Today I had a late start and had breakfast at Coffee Corner which is opposite Rendezvous.
I then walked through the Re:START mall. Which is a small part of the redevelopment of the mall. the shops are in shipping containers.



I made my way to the botanical gardens to jump on the Hassle Free Discover Christchurch tour. I did the 3 hour tour which takes you around the CBD as well as Sumner Village and the hills.

Sumner Village
As we drove around we saw the devastation of the 2011 earthquake. Christchurch lost 2500 buildings. A lot of old buildings were destroyed and because of that earthquake they are being stricter on the rebuild. You often see shipping containers placed around buildings and this is to hold the buildings up. Wooden houses stood firm during the earthquake.


185 Chair Memorial

On the 1 hour tour of the CBD we saw: New Regent Street which has been redone in spanish style and is a mirror of itself, the Anglican church which was minor damaged but they decided to demolish it and half way through they were forced to stop the demolition, the 185 chair memorial for the lives lost in the earthquake, Hagley Park which is the same size as the CBD, Botanical Gardens, Avon River, Bridge of Remembrance and AMI Stadium.

Imperial Theatre

For the rebuild they need 40,000 skilled workers.

Anglican Church

We then were taken out to Mona Vale Garden. Which was sold to the council by a spinster for $185,000. We got to walk through them and they are a nice tranquil place.


Catholic Cathedral

We were then taken to Sumner Village which was a nice coastal town and as we were driving we saw the landslides from the earthquake. Some houses were completely destroyed.

Bus Depot

After the tour I went and had a burger from Red Box Burger and Gill a van in the Re:START mall.

Transitional/Cardboard Cathedral

I then jumped on the catapillar at the botanical gardens. Which was extremely informative about the plants in the garden. This went for an hour.

Gap Filler

I then took the tram to stay warm and dry and went round the city to see these places: Cathedral Junction, Cathedral Square, Mill Island, Re:START Mall, Ballantynes, the crossing, Manchester Street, city punting, art gallery, Hagley park and many more.

Mona Vale Garden
Pegasus Bay

Which took a bit under an hour. I got a combo ticket for the garden and tram for $35 and the tram is hop on hop off system.

Sumner Village
Sumner Village
This concludes my trip. I enjoyed the travels, people I met and places I saw. I believe travelling grows you as a person and the way you think. Christchurch was amazing in the way it is slowly changing itself in to a better city. It definitely is a must see. Can’t wait to see the finished product!
New Regent Street



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