Day 3 Queenstown

Today I started early at 8am and went for a stroll around town. Nothing was opened except for a few coffee shops and there was hardly anyone around.

I went back to my accommodation and hung there until 9:15 when I went for another walk. Shops were starting to open and people were everywhere.
I made my way along the beach to the gardens and walked along the lake. It was amazing! The only other people out were local fitness fanatics. So you had plenty of room to enjoy the views.
I walked as far as the ice arena which was closed, then made my way back through the gardens. Finding the rose garden, Frisbee golf and a nice little pond. It was a lovely walk that probably took 45 minutes.
I then made my way to The Station to check in to the Shotover Jet but mainly to take advantage of free wifi.
The Shotover Jet was amazing. It was the first time I had ever been on a jet boat before and to make it my first trip on the original jet boat that runs all year round and has been around since 1966 was even better.
The jet was over the Shotover River and the views were amazing. I would say it took around 1.5 hours and was $135.
I then hopped on the 2pm Million Dollar Cruise. Which is a 90 minute cruise around Lake Wakatipu and the only cruise that takes you around the bottom end of the lake. Which is the more residential side. The commentary is both historic and recent information about the area and houses. The Captain even volunteers to take photos for you. The cost was $35.
The lake is a maze of different activities on a sunny day. You can take your pick on a number of cruises, jet boats, kayaks and paddle board options. There are jet skies, parasailing, swimmers and heaps more. The sky is littered with parachutes and planes. This place is amazing, I love it.
It is busy but peaceful with people running around with their adrenalin packed itineraries.


We went out that night to Below Zero Ice Bar. That place was amazing, everything except the floor and roof was ice. We got to dress up like eskimos and drink cocktails. The entry cost is from $20. I suggest booking in advance because they were turning people away.

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