Carols in the Domain

With excitement in the air and only 6 sleeps till Christmas we headed up to Sydney for the iconic Carols in Domain as seen on channel 7.

Hoping for a good spot to lay the picnic blanket, we left Wollongong at 2pm on a 30 something degree day. We arrived slightly frazzled at the Domain at 4.30pm.
We had parked on Elizabeth Street at the NSW Leagues Club for $40.00. We walked the two streets and through the hospital to the Domain. To see a sea of umbrellas, tents and colour.
There were people everywhere. Santa hats on tonnes of heads. We picked a seat near the library and make shift police station. It wasn’t the best spot but it was in the shade, you could see the stage and it had a quick getaway route.
They had a pre-concert on with some carols and dancing to keep us occupied for 4 hours. The VIP seating (which gets booked out heaps early) did not fill up until 8pm.
We were amazed at the different age and race groups that came and the set up people bring.
Just before 7pm we got upgraded to the VIP lawn by the police.
The VIP lawn took ages to fill up but it was amazing. You could see the stage clearly. The performers were awesome and the crowd favourite was clearly the wiggles. Oh and Santa!
The only downside was it was exactly what you see on TV. No extra entertainment, you see the ads and all. But that didn’t matter to us. The whole experience was amazing.


Happy Christmas readers!



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