The unexpected trip

We needed a short tour to go with our big European adventure. Mum let me choose and out of the blue I said Spain. Why Spain? No clue!
Plaza Espana in Saville

We went in eyes closed knowing nothing about the country, apart from it being almost bankrupt and bull fighting. We left amazed!

Palacio Real in Madrid
Was it how modern the country was? Or, how well kept it was? I don’t know.
Aquarium in Valencia
We started in Madrid and was gob smacked at how immaculate the gardens and buildings were. The buildings were not just box structures but weird and wonderful shapes, there was colour everywhere. And, not just in Madrid, it was everywhere we went, Seville, Cordoba, Valencia and Barcelona.
Plaza de la Encarnacion (Mushrooms) in Seville
Sure they had their old sections like Toledo just out of Madrid but even that was different. It looked old but all the buildings were exactly the same. No new buildings to be seen.
Alcazar and Toledo Cathedral
Now I am not a fan of churches but you have to see the Mosque-Cathedral in Cordoba. It was amazing! How a million years ago they just combined a Mosque and Cathedral together with a Roman and Arabic architecture.
Mosque-Cathedral in Cordoba
La Sagrada Familia (Gaudi) Barcelona
We began noticing that the buildings weren’t just Roman or Gothic they were a mixture of all and everything.
So far I can say it is my favourite country, completely knocked my socks off!

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