High Tea in the countryside

Wollongong is very much a city but when you drive half an hour south you can hit the country. Anywhere from Marshall Mount, Yallah or Calderwood Valley you come across working farms and a tonne of acreages. It is nice, peaceful and quiet. Not overly fancy but it is our countryside and I love it. If you are looking for a nice quiet drive it is the place to go (the residents might hate that suggestion but tough).

Marshall Mount
Marshall Mount


We had heard of this place in Albion Park that serves High Tea and for Wollongong it is a bit fancy. The family decided we had to go, being that we are into Tea we booked in advanced, dress up like we were going somewhere fancy and hit the road for this 1893 Colonial Georgian Manor House. Situated in between farms and the regional airport.


Ravensthorpe is a wedding venue and restaurant with a bit of accommodation. This out of the way place was a nice relaxing spot to enjoy some tea.


There were seven of us in one room, a birthday party in another and a separate room for couples and small groups.
We had a choice of nine different teas with us choosing: earl grey, peppermint, jasmine, beautiful day and english breakfast. My favourite was the earl grey which smelt like oranges and tasted nothing like it.
We were given tiered platters with scones, meringues, panacottas, muffins, chocolate cake, arancini and sandwiches.


The high tea was $52 a head and the staff couldn’t do enough for us. We absolutely loved it, venue, food staff and tea.



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