I decided to brave it, on a spur of the moment, catch the train and head to sydney for the day.

My mission to walk from Town Hall to Barangaroo then get home safely.

I had never been on the train on my own before so was a little worried about getting on the right train.



So I had a late start but got to Sydney before lunch and had a nice stroll to Barangaroo an eye catching reserve from a distance with even better view when you get there.
Barangaroo Reserve just off the Rocks on the western side of the Harbour Bridge is a park on many levels. You could spend hours there.
A park that is peaceful, away from all the crowds and traffic (at the moment). A place to sit back and take the view in from all different sides.
I must admit I loved it! Just the way that they have put the park together  and tiered the walkways was amazing. Once the rest of Barangaroo is finished the place will be buzzing.
Once I was finished exploring I decided to follow the water’s edge to the rocks. With no idea where I was but knowing that if I follow the water I will be at the rocks in no time I found myself walking past trendy eateries on pier one (thanks to the GPS on instagram). I had never been around there before but I was amazed at how this little part of Sydney could be so quiet and tranquil.


After a quick lunch at Circular Quay I made my way back to the train and jumped on the first train I saw taking me only half the way home. I noticed my mistake quick enough and was able to jump off it quick.

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