Sydney Royal Easter Show

As kids we used to go to the Easter Show every second year with our grandparents but as we grew up it fizzled out.

This year I decided I just had to go again and the grandparents had to come along.

So we got to the show late afternoon (the grandparents had never been at night). Our mission was to see the grand parade, fireworks and buy umpteen show bags.

We headed straight for the show bags and then dumped them back in the hotel. We then walked around the fresh food section before having some dinner.







The one thing my grandfather loves is looking at the animals. We strolled around the horses, cows, sheep, alpacas and everything else and were over the moon that we were the only ones looking.





By the time we were finished with the animals we had just enough time to watch some wood chopping before we had to get seats for the grand parade and fireworks.
On entering the arena we noticed that all the good seats were taken.
We found some seats minutes before all the animals were paraded around. Most of the animals were calm and collected but some would get spooked. One bull stopped the parade altogether. It really ran riot!



The fireworks were amazing!


By the time the fireworks were finished we were glad to escape the crowds for our hotel rooms and the grandparents were extremely happy to have seen a different side to the show.



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