A day in Canberra

I had been wanting to go to Floriade for a couple of years now (actually NightFest) so I decide I would take my grandparents for the day.

We left home at 7am with a car full of snacks. By the time we got to Lake George (the lake you cannot see) they were full of stories about how back in the 50’s when my grandfather first came out he would go to visit his Uncle and brother and that Lake George was an actual Lake full of water. They would stop and have a snack there (this was back when the journey would take 5 hours not 3 hours). So we stopped and had a snack with some tea on this chilly Saturday morning looking out at the very green fields. We commented on how we hadn’t seen them so green in a while and it was nice.
Lake George

We moved on to Canberra and went to find a car park down by the lake but by 10:30am there were no spots. So it we went into the Civic Centre.


We fought our fears of rain and strolled to the entrance of Floriade where we were armed with our cameras and on a mission to see some wonderful displays and capture those images.


We entered to see a mass production of tulips and people everywhere. We walked around for hours taking it all in.


Off the beaten track we found this wonderful plant/tree full of bloom and no-one had a clue what it was.
Our mystery plant
After we had exhausted all avenues at Floriade my grandfather decided to take us on a drive around where his Uncle lived and brother. The only problem was things have changed in Canberra like everywhere else. It has grown! My grandfather (almost) knowing the way  led us through the suburbs where everyone lived.
They took me to Red Hill Lookout which looks over all on Canberra and the surrounds. I had never seen it from a distance, up high before.
The view from Red Hill Lookout
It was a refreshing trip to Canberra. With the grandparents thoroughly enjoying showing me around their old hiding spots and telling old stories.
P.S. Have you seen Enlighten or check out Snow near Canberra



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